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Scalable WordPress hosting for agencies and freelancers

Modern scalable infrastructure

Stop worrying will your website handle big traffic spikes. It will.

Powered by Google Cloud

Managed WordPress hosting powered by the worlds best network: Google Cloud.

Fair pricing model

Stop paying for air. Pay only for resources that you actually consume!

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Premium WordPress

Premium level WordPress hosting

We're providing premium Google Cloud hosting, that's optimized only for WordPress. All websites include by default: always latest WordPress, optimized Nginx setup, Redis cache, and many high-quality services from Google Cloud.

Autoscaling WordPress

WordPress with Horizontal Autoscaling

When your websites needs more power to handle the traffic, we will on the fly increase the count of replicas in your website. And best part: we will also automatically close all unused resources, so you won't be paying just for air!

Google CLoud

Modern Google Cloud infrastructure

All websites will have access to one of the world's best networks: Google Network. Each website will have Google Cloud Load Balancer on use, they are protected by Google Cloud Armor and to make your WordPress websites fast all over the world, all websites are using Google Cloud CDN by default.

Premium WordPress

Client Management & Invoicing

With Wonsta, you can easily connect or create a Stripe account for client invoicing. You can create new subscription products and new pricing tiers that you want to charge from your customers. With our client management features, you will always see the latest business KPI's in one beautiful dashboard.

Wow. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Your support has been amazing!
- Some random guy when Wonsta support engineer did find his lost keys

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+ get 25€ hosting credits!

Pricing model that saves you money

Scalable Plan


Usage based pricing. When your website needs more resources, we will add new replica. When your website doesn't need anymore that new resource, we will automatically save your money by decreasing the amount of replicas.

You have the full control on how many replicas there will be at minimum, and maximum. That way you can set cap on maximum monthly costs.

Including these features

  • Google Cloud managed WordPress hosting
  • Free SSL-certificates
  • Free development domain
  • 24/7 monitored environments
  • Redis in-memory cache
  • PhpMyAdmin access
  • Self-healing technology
  • Modern brotli-compression
  • PHP 7.4 (PHP 8.0 availability coming soon)
  • Client management
  • Wonsta Business Analytics
  • Three free backups
  • Google Cloud Logging
  • Constant uptime checks
  • 10Gb SSD storage
  • Free Google Cloud CDN
  • Free Google Cloud Armor for Layer 7 DDoS-attacks
  • Protected and managed website environment
  • Stripe subscriptions for customer invoicing
  • Own account manager to help you on the start
  • Unlimited free website migrations
Powered by
Google Cloud Platform
Brotli compression
Redis Memory Cache

Frequently asked questions

not actually that frequently, but still good to point few things here

Our app is free to use. You only pay for websites that you set up for your clients. We are also offering some paid addons to either boost your website, or to make your business even more awesome.

We currently offer two Google Cloud clusters: one in North Europe, and one in South Asia. We will be implementing new data centers in coming months. Please send us message, if you have requirements for cluster location.

We're here to build amazing community together with our customers. Our goal is to have vibrant, big community of talented WordPress developers and designers sharing tips and tricks for each other. Because WordPress has already given so much to us, we want to have similar mindset and really listen to our users, when we're developing our app.

Sure thing. Just send us either message here in email ( or use our chat widget in our app. We will do it for free.

It's the best one.

Our support crew contains only experienced WordPress developers, who are ready to help and give advice to you. Our support is free, and you can contact us either from our Slack or from our app.

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Julius Aho

Julius Aho

Founder, WordPress-developer
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Bikash Sharma

Co-founder, Lead Product Developer