Google Cloud WordPress Hosting

Google Cloud WordPress Hosting

Google Kubernetes Engine powered WordPress hosting in Google Cloud infrastructure.

State-of-the-art network: Google's Premium Tier Network.

Protected by Google Cloud Armor and boosted with Google Cloud CDN.

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Managing websites in Wonsta is always 100% free, and doesn’t require you to set any credit card.
Premium WordPress

Managed WordPress hosting with Google Cloud

Our engineering team have built truly scalable infrastructure on top of the Google Cloud. We combined all Google Cloud's best features into one WordPress optimized managed hosting platform.

Autoscaling WordPress

Google Kubernetes Engine & Horizontal Autoscaling

When your websites needs more power to handle the traffic, we will on the fly increase the count of replicas in your website. And best part: we will also automatically close all unused resources, so you won't be paying just for air! You can also configure all HPA configs in each website.

Google CLoud

WordPress with Google Cloud CDN & Cloud Armor

Serve your customers around the world with one of the world fastest content delivery network: Google Cloud CDNs. Cloud CDN includes over 90+ POP locations. All websites are also protected with Google Cloud Armor. Our rules are blocking all malicious attacks to our websites, in order to harden default WordPress security.

WordPress agency CEO

One of the biggest value that we received by using Wonsta, was that we were able to scale our website management services without any headaches. Suddenly we realized that it had developed to be one of our most profitable and easiest business areas.

- Tuukka, COO of Slogan, Finland

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Managing websites in Wonsta is always 100% free, and doesn’t require you to set any credit card.

Why Wonsta favours Google Cloud WordPress Hosting?

For us, the choice was obvious. We were tired of using old school out-of-date hosting providers, that are promising lots of nice resources and such, but almost always we ended up needing to increase the hosting tier.

Because of that, we started to build WordPress hosting for our websites using Google Cloud Platform, and more spesifically Google Kubernetes Engine. It took some time to setup, with all Horizontal Pod Autoscalers's, Load Balancers and all the nice things that Google Cloud Platform offers to us.

But when we were done with out setup, we just fell in love with it.

Now we didn't need to anymore be afraid of website going down, just because of some noisy neighbour or website hosting plan being too small enough. We were just able to focus on building websites.

And that's why we did choose GCP and GKE as our backbone. Scalable infrastructure, that uses one of the worlds best infrastructures to really provide us performance and scalability. Google Cloud WordPress hosting that just makes sense.

Now our job is together with Google Cloud engineers make sure that our customers, are having just optimal environment for their WordPress websites.

If you want to test how your WordPress website would perform on top of Google Cloud, connect it to Wonsta, send us a migration request and we will migrate your website for free.

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Frequently asked questions about Google Cloud WordPress Hosting

Our app is free to use. You only pay for websites that you set up for your clients. We are also offering some paid addons to either boost your website, or to make your business even more awesome.

We currently offer two Google Cloud clusters: one in North Europe, and one in South Asia. We will be implementing new data centers in coming months. Please send us message, if you have requirements for cluster location.

We're here to build amazing community together with our customers. Our goal is to have vibrant, big community of talented WordPress developers and designers sharing tips and tricks for each other. Because WordPress has already given so much to us, we want to have similar mindset and really listen to our users, when we're developing our app.

Sure thing. Just send us either message here in email ( or use our chat widget in our app. We will do it for free.

It's the best one.

Our support crew contains only experienced WordPress developers, who are ready to help and give advice to you. Our support is free, and you can contact us either from our Slack or from our app.

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Julius Aho

Julius Aho

Founder, WordPress-developer
Bikash Sharma

Bikash Sharma

Co-founder, Lead Product Developer