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Are you working in a growing WordPress agency? Let us boost that growth with new leads, and cut down all website-related management.

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Partnership program in a nutshell

Designed to scale your agency.

Requirements for the agency
  • Building new WordPress websites is within the core of the agencies business
  • Interested in generating passive income
  • Agency is growing, and they are creating a minimum of ten new websites each quarter
  • Uses or starts to use Wonsta WordPress hosting as a primary hosting provider
  • Currently manages more than 10 WordPress websites
What we offer
  • New project opportunities based on criteria you define. For example only landing pages built with Elementor, on a budget scope of 2,000-3,000€
  • 100% Managed WordPress hosting environment. We take care of managing your existing websites
  • Free hosting and domain for your agency's own materials
  • Always free migrations
  • Guidance on setting templates to improve profitability on the projects
  • Customer Success Manager to help your agency to grow
  • Free tools for managing customers, invoices, etc.
  • Free credits (up to 500€)
WordPress agency CEO

One of the biggest value that we received by using Wonsta, was that we were able to scale our website management services without any headaches. Suddenly we realized that it had developed to be one of our most profitable and easiest business areas.

- Tuukka, COO of Slogan, Finland

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Join Wonsta like Tuukka and hundreds of other WordPress professionals have.

Why apply for the program?

New ideal projects

We will support your lead generation without any commissions. You just define criteria on what you’re looking for, and our team will handle the rest.

100% Managed WordPress environments

You don’t need to anymore worry about maintaining old websites. Our support team will manage and maintain all your websites. We will keep you up-to-date with monthly reports.

Insights about competition landscape

We will give you comparison data, that you can use to understand your business even better. Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with insights on how you can generate more revenue.

Free hosting resources & Wonsta credits

Your own website & domain will be hosted free in Wonsta. Also, we’re giving away free credits to cover all testing periods with Wonsta.

Frequently asked questions

Our app is free to use. You only pay for websites that you set up for your clients. We are also offering some paid addons to either boost your website, or to make your business even more awesome.

We currently offer two Google Cloud clusters: one in North Europe, and one in South Asia. We will be implementing new data centers in coming months. Please send us message, if you have requirements for cluster location.

We're here to build amazing community together with our customers. Our goal is to have vibrant, big community of talented WordPress developers and designers sharing tips and tricks for each other. Because WordPress has already given so much to us, we want to have similar mindset and really listen to our users, when we're developing our app.

Sure thing. Just send us either message here in email ( or use our chat widget in our app. We will do it for free.

It's the best one.

Our support crew contains only experienced WordPress developers, who are ready to help and give advice to you. Our support is free, and you can contact us either from our Slack or from our app.