Wonsta & Finnish hosting provider Louhi Networks launches a scalable hosting solution for the Finnish WordPress market: Louhi Pro

One of Finland’s leading hosting providers Louhi Networks has partnered up with Wonsta and with our new White Label product.…

Julius Aho - Published 2 years ago
Wonsta & Finnish hosting provider Louhi Networks launches a scalable hosting solution for the Finnish WordPress market: Louhi Pro

Wonsta has been building a scalable WordPress hosting solution for its Europe-based agency & freelancer customers for the past year. Now, Wonsta is finally launching a hosting solution in Finland together with one of the leading hosting operators in Finland: Louhi Networks.

Louhi Networks is one of the leading web hosting and domain registrants in Finland. It was founded in 1999, and today serves about 30,000 customers in Finland. Louhi has a long and strong history with website hosting, and for the past years has been improving its product lineup with Google Cloud-related products.

The partnership has been built on top of Wonsta’s new business model and white label product, allowing local hosting providers to start their own Google Cloud Hosting business, that’s fully optimized for users managing more significant mass on websites. This allows local hosting providers to take a massive leap in their product development since instead of building months of their own hosting panel, they are able to test and sell new cloud hosting solutions within a few weeks.

“Previously here in Finland, hosting companies haven’t been working enough with special needs coming from agencies and freelancers. We wanted to solve their needs, and with our new Louhi Pro-product, we’re able to deliver much more value to our agency- and freelancer-partners. Louhi Pro answers well the needs regarding website mass management, and business management and still provides a world-class scalable hosting solution, that provides new business models for us and for our partners. All this without any of our own developer resources”, comments CEO of Louhi Networks, Mika Paavola.

Julius Aho, CEO & Founder of Wonsta comments: “Louhi’s strong history and knowledge of the local website hosting market in Finland allows us to have an amazing partner for our White Label -product in Finland. Their expertise, combined with our talented development team means that we’re able to provide stellar products for Finnish WordPress agencies and freelancers.”

Wonsta and Louhi Networks both share a common mission: Providing the best tools, interesting business opportunities, and a supportive professional community for web freelancers and agencies to connect and work on ideal projects.

Interested in offering Google Cloud hosting services in your local market?

Don’t hesitate to contact our CEO & Head of Partnerships, Julius Aho (julius@wonsta.io), if you are interested in taking the next step in your hosting business.

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