GoDaddy WordPress Migration for Frustrated GoDaddy Users

You need help with GoDaddy WordPress migration after your marriage with the vaunted website and WordPress host turned sour. We’ve…

Unai Eguiguren - Published 2 years ago
GoDaddy WordPress Migration for Frustrated GoDaddy Users

You need help with GoDaddy WordPress migration after your marriage with the vaunted website and WordPress host turned sour.

We’ve noticed the problems, too, and we’ve had some customers move away from GoDaddy because of the poor service they received.

GoDaddy isn’t everything. Which is why GoDaddy WordPress migration is such a big deal right now (and frankly it’s a bargain to migrate away from GoDaddy).

Why Is GoDaddy WordPress Migration Important Right Now?

You have several reasons why a GoDaddy WordPress migration is the right move at the moment.

GoDaddy WordPress Migration to Avoid Email Outages

GoDaddy’s email problems continue.

GoDaddy’s email is horrible. When it doesn’t work, you can have problems that shut down your customers’ business communications. What if your customers can’t email anyone, or if their staff can’t email them, what do they do when the server is down?

What if your entire business model depends on GoDaddy if you’re a web host company?

Do you want to take that risk?

A GoDaddy WordPress migration might solve that problem.

Person typing on a laptop

GoDaddy WordPress Migration to Move Away from Slower Servers

GoDaddy servers are also slower, and your customers’ websites need to load fast if you want to capture even more customers.

GoDaddy’s sophisticated hosting setup leads you to believe that it delivers enhanced performance and speed when done well.

The setup process for GoDaddy has one server functioning as the webserver. Then they have processing codes and server static files. Then another server or multiple servers provide the database.

In other words, one part of the website is on one server while the other part is another server. Shouldn’t your websites be on the same server in two different places as a backup?

This setup approach allows each server to perform at its maximum, keeping website speed and reliability high. GoDaddy has let its customers down with its hosting setup process.

And their servers are extremely slow compared to others. There might be two reasons behind this slowness, which just makes people move towards a GoDaddy WordPress migration.

GoDaddy’s database servers are too overloaded. The network connecting its database to the web servers has high latency issues.

Of course, the more websites that latch on to GoDaddy, the slower the servers become.

Whatever the GoDaddy problems might be, your webhost company might be among the many unlucky companies that have reported poor database response times.

If so, GoDaddy WordPress migration might be a good thing for your WordPress hosting.

GoDaddy WordPress Migration to Speed Up Server Response Times

When site speeds are important to your customers, you can’t wait 18 seconds for GoDaddy’s database to get up to speed.

Your customers rely on your company to keep their websites functioning properly.

No, GoDaddy doesn’t make websites go down technically, but it does make them slower, on average.

Even 5 seconds of delay in loading a page or downtime would mean lost website traffic, lost sales, and lost reputation.

And WordPress hosting companies suffer because of it.

GoDaddy WordPress Migration to Avoid Its Horrible Control Panel Difficulties

GoDaddy’s custom control panel is riddled with problems. Sometimes it takes hours for its SSH to be enabled.

And the control panel dashboard doesn’t speed things up.

GoDaddy WordPress migration can help alleviate this problem, too.

What’s the solution?

Find a better-managed service solution!

Come Over to Wonsta for GoDaddy WordPress Migration

Wonsta has scalable, managed hosting that can help your company maintain and improve your customers’ websites function more properly.

Wonsta offers several benefits that elevate your managed web hosting service above using GoDaddy.


We offer a modern, scalable infrastructure that won’t cause difficulties with your clients’ websites. Stop worrying if your websites won’t be able to handle big traffic spikes. It will be with Wonsta.

And you only pay for what you need.

Bulk Editing of Websites

Update all of your websites in one place with bulk editing.

Update your WordPress plugins all at once, whether you manage five websites or 5,000.

And if there are any problems, you’ll receive alerts. Don’t forget the websites are automatically backed up before the plugins update.

Client Invoicing

Automate client invoicing with Wonsta after you finish your GoDaddy WordPress migration. Your customers get invoices every month, and you get to see their statuses from the handy Wonsta app.

The app also lets you change your service fees when you feel like your services are worth more thanks to the high-quality services you deliver.

Laptop computer showing coding about WordPress migration

Website Creation

Do you create websites as part of your services?

We can help with that, too. Wonsta offers an easy way to build new WordPress websites from scratch, either from templates or from a GoDaddy WordPress migration or migration from another host.

AutoPilot Mode

Build your autopilot rules that Wonsta will run for you, such as delete comments every Friday or updating subscriptions when you get over 1,000 daily visitors.

You set the rules. We play by them.

Try Wonsta for Free. What Do You Have to Lose?

We also offer free migration of websites so you can migrate websites and check out Wonsta.

The more websites you migrate, the more cost-effective and useful Wonsta becomes.

Explore the benefits of Wonsta and set yourself free from the shackles of a GoDaddy WordPress migration.

You’ll start to see the benefits of Wonsta at about five website migrations.

You have nothing to lose if you try it for free.

Wonsta can help you enhance your WordPress hosting for freelancers.

Contact us to find out more. We’ll answer all of your questions about autoscaling and autoscale pricing. We promise you’ll love the results.



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