WordPress Hosting for Freelancers. All You Need To Know!

WordPress hosting for freelancers means finding all the right automated tools you’ll need to make your job cost-effective. You need…

Unai Eguiguren - Published 2 years ago
WordPress Hosting for Freelancers. All You Need To Know!

WordPress hosting for freelancers means finding all the right automated tools you’ll need to make your job cost-effective.

You need to find the right balance between the expenses of the software tools and leaving enough room in your business model to make a profit with your business.

We’re going to give you a guide on some tips for running a business when you’re using WordPress hosting for freelancers.

You’re Responsible for All Aspects of WordPress Hosting for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you’re responsible for managing every aspect of your WordPress hosting business.

That means you’re the sole go-to person for your work. You don’t have anyone else to be responsible for except your clients.

The beauty of running WordPress hosting for freelancers is that you can run your business from wherever you want: in a shared workspace, from your home office, or at your favorite cafe down the street. Learn more about how to become a digital nomad here.

As part of your responsibility, it’s your job to make sure all of your clients’ websites stay up and running all of the time in the most efficient way possible.

Why WordPress Hosting for Freelancers Needs the Right Tools

You need the right tools when you have WordPress hosting for freelancers to have the right ROI for your business.

Balancing technology and effort, expenses and revenue, and tools and talent takes some time and adjustments.

If you purchase too many tools, you won’t be able to make enough money to turn a profit until you scale up your business with enough clients.

You might not make a profit for a few months or years if you invest in automated tools right away for WordPress hosting for freelancers. However, you need at least some of those tools to start out with.

You need to choose tools that you’re familiar with.

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Why WordPress Hosting?

Hosting WordPress websites as a freelancer is the perfect situation for several reasons.

Many Web Hosting Sites Specialize in WordPress

Many web hosting sites specialize in WordPress, which makes them the perfect platform for hosting these types of sites.

WordPress hosting for freelancers is very easy because your clients don’t have to worry about anything. Most of the hosting process happens automatically through the chosen host. You can auto-manage one site or 10,000 sites. All you need is to manage your customer relationships.

WordPress hosts are secure (you can even examine their security protocols), make sure the sites perform well, and maintain regular backups.

Tools You Need for WordPress Hosting for Freelancers

Aside from your WordPress hosting server company, you need a few tools to run your business.

Your WordPress Hosting Provider

Of course, you need to pick your WordPress hosting provider. We recommend Google Cloud WordPress hosting for several reasons, including its world-class infrastructure, stability, optimizations, and security. There’s a reason why Google uses its own servers for its websites.

Accounting Software

You’ll need basic accounting software. Wonsta is a good platform, and one that many freelancers and small businesses rely on. Can be a cost-effective tool to help you manage expenses, file taxes, and send invoices to customers.


Of course, you’ll need an email to communicate with clients. Gmail is usually the way to go for WordPress hosting for freelancers, including the option that allows you to convert a gmail.com address to your business name.


A basic CRM lets you manage your customers all in one place. There are several choices for inexpensive CRM platforms to help you manage customers for WordPress hosting for freelancers.

Analytics Reporting Tools

Then you need analytics tools to make sure all of your websites are functioning properly. Wonsta offers excellent analytic feature.

White and blue wordpress log on the corner of a computer screen

Automate Several Processes at Once With WordPress Hosting for Freelancers

The key to WordPress hosting for freelancers is to automate your processes as much as you can.

That way, you can enjoy the benefits of autoscaling your business.

What’s autoscaling?

The benefits are numerous.

Autoscaling your WordPress hosting lets you scale up your processes with each website you add, and you only pay for the space you need.

When your websites need more power to handle the traffic, Wonsta can increase the count of replicas in your websites on the fly. The best part: we will also automatically close all unused resources, so you won’t be paying just for air!

You also get all the benefits of Google Cloud, such as All websites will have access to one of the world’s best networks: Google Network. Each website will have Google Cloud Load Balancer on use, they are protected by Google Cloud Armor, and to make your WordPress websites fast all over the world, all websites are using Google Cloud CDN by default.

Sign Up for Free in Wonsta

We also offer free migration of websites so you can migrate websites and check out Wonsta.

The more websites you migrate, the more cost-effective and useful Wonsta becomes. Auto-update the WordPress plugins to make sure your sites are optimized. And you’ll get alerts if there are any issues.

You’ll start to see the benefits of Wonsta at about five website migrations.

You have nothing to lose if you try it for free.

Wonsta can help you enhance your WordPress hosting for freelancers.

Contact us to find out more. We’ll answer all of your questions about autoscaling and autoscale pricing. We promise you’ll love the results.


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