ImageMagick Engine WordPress. Our Popular Guide

ImageMagick Engine WordPress plugin represents one tool that helps you to improve the quality of shrunken images. There are plenty…

Unai Eguiguren - Published 2 years ago
ImageMagick Engine WordPress. Our Popular Guide

ImageMagick Engine WordPress plugin represents one tool that helps you to improve the quality of shrunken images. There are plenty of ways to make websites run faster, and your need to foster good page speeds to please the GoogleBot Overlords.

When you shrink images, they suffer from a bit of quality loss. The ImageMagick Engine WordPress plugin makes sure that image quality doesn’t lose anything after you shrink high-quality images to make their size smaller.

We review this WordPress plugin to give you a heads up on how it works and why you should use it.

ImageMagick Engine WordPress: The History Of A Plugin

ImageMagick Engine began in 1987. Yes, before the internet was mainstream.

It is 100% free, open-source, open-code, and is used in many open-source applications.

The software displays, creates, converts, modifies, and edits raster images for more than 200 image file formats.

It was originally the proprietary property of DuPont, but the company released the code in 1990. The original purpose of ImageMagick was to reduce 24-bit images (16 million colors) to 8-bit images (256 colors). Back then, computers weren’t as image-savvy nor did they have GPUs. The point was so the higher-definition images could be easily displayed on most computers at the time.

Two women using ImageMagick and looking at images on a computer

Despite its age, the ImageMagick Engine WordPress plugin now works with GPUs of any size and speed, easily converting images between file types.

Programmers and web developers adore the plugin’s functionality to efficiently and accurately convert images between two different file formats. This comes in very handy when you have a JPG or PNG and you need it in Google’s favored WebP format for image uploading. It is believed that WebP formats foster faster web pages favored by the GoogleBot Overlords.

In addition to the file converting capabilities, ImageMagick Engine’s WordPress plugin reduces the number of colors in an image so it doesn’t lose image quality when you shrink it. This makes pages load faster on mobile devices, another consideration for trying to rank web pages on Google.

ImageMagick Engine Features Include (but are not limited to)


Great for creating GIFs out of a group of images.

Bilateral blur

This is a smoothing filter that is non-linear and preserves edges.

Color management

Accurate color management with color profiles when you shrink images to maintain quality across all image types.

Color thresholding

Converts all pixels in a particular color range to white, otherwise black. Perfect for lightening or darkening an image.

Command-line processing

Utilize ImageMagick from the command-line for easy image manipulation.


Overlap one image over another to achieve awesome effects.


Adds a frame or border to an image.

Distributed pixel cache

Offloads intermediate pixel storage to remote servers, thereby improving page load speed.


Allows you to add shapes or text to an image.

ImageMagick Engine WordPress Special Encryption

Encrypts images by converting them to unintelligible gibberish and back again.

Format conversion

Easily converts an image from one format to another (like a PNG to JPG).

            Image on a laptop screen.

Generalized pixel distortion

Correct for image distortions, including perspective, which is perfect for maintaining image quality when shrinking.

Heterogeneous distributed processing

Enables algorithms to take advantage of speed-ups offered by CPUs, GPUs, and other processors.

High dynamic-range images

Accurately represents intensity levels found in real scenes to achieve the best possible resolution, even in direct sunlight and the darkest shadows.

Histogram equalization

Improves the contrast in images.

Image cache

Caches images, sequences, video, audio in a local folder for later retrieval.

Image gradients

Creates a gradual blend of two colors across any axis.

Image identification

Describes the format and attributes of an image, including alt text for SEO.

ImageMagick Engine WordPress on the iPhone:

Converts, edits, or composes images on Apple devices.

Large image support

Supports image sizes to the tera-pixel range.


Juxtaposes thumbnails on an image canvas to make a montage of photos.

Morphology of shapes

Extracts features, describes shapes, and recognizes patterns in images for analysis.

Motion picture support

Reads and writes the image formats used in digital movie work.

Perceptual hash

Maps visually identical images to make retrieval, authentication, indexing, watermarking, and copy detection easier.

ImageMagick Engine WordPress Special effects

Blur, sharpen, threshold, or tint an image to achieve whatever effects you want.

Text & comments

Insert text into an image.

Threads of execution support

Executes commands in parallel to leverage efficiency and speed-ups offered by multicore processor chips.


Resize, rotate, deskew, crop, flip or trim an image as with an ordinary image processor.


Render portions of an image invisible, particularly helpful for responsive websites or scrolling menus.

ImageMagick Engine WordPress Virtual pixel support

Access to pixels outside of image boundaries.

Best of all, they are all free.

Overall, these many features are fantastic. If you are interested in knowing how these features combine with other free  software for WordPress, click this link: Free Software For WordPress developers: 13 Must-Have

Pros and Cons Of ImageMagick Engine WordPress

The ImageMagick Engine WordPress plugin has many upsides, including many features that allow it to do everything that mainstream graphical interfaces can.

This open-source code works in many types of programming languages. While not as important any more with low-code or no-code APIs, it is important that the source code is free and available to anyone.

It works with more than 200 image file types, even the obscure ones that hardly anyone uses.

Easily integratable into WordPress websites, thanks to the low amount of code in the program.

Because it’s free, you can use this program anywhere you want to for as many websites as you want to. No strings attached!

The one downside is that it doesn’t have a graphical user interface like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

But remember, this is free.

Image on a Macintosh computer.

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